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Consulta sobre este Plugin

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Mediante este plugin solo puedo conectar con un servidor o podria conectar dos plaicaciones directamente compartiendo un mismo directorio?

Lo que necesito es que dos aplicaciones ubicadas en dos maquinas diferentes remotas puedan leer una archivo en alguna carpeta compartida
Este plugin me serviria para esto?
ejemplo para compartir una base de datos access que tengo en una de las maquinas para que pueda ser vista por la otra?
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Re: Consulta sobre este Plugin

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Google Translation:

With this plugin I can only connect to a server, or could directly connect two plaicaciones sharing the same directory?

What I need is that two applications on two different machines able to read a remote file in a shared folder
This plugin would serve me for this?
example to share a database that I have access to one of the machines that can be seen on the other?
I don't know what a "plaicaciones" is, but the FM/FTP plug-in can be used to upload or download files from a remote server or perform file management functions on a local drive. It's not possible to open or edit files stored on a remote server with this plug-in without downloading them first. However, with the correct configuration it is possible to open some types of database files from a server using the NeoBookDBPro plug-in.
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