NeoBookFM/FTP v1.3 Update Released

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NeoBookFM/FTP v1.3 Update Released

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NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoBookFM/FTP version 1.3. This update can be downloaded from: ... 12&lid=131

This update contains the following:


 Added fmSelectSome action which can be used to select one file in the current directory that matches a specific name or mask. This action is similar to fmSelectSome, except that only one file among those matching the mask will be selected. The file selected is based on the direction parameter (first, next, prev, last) and the currently selected items (if any).

 Added and optional ScrollIntoView property to the fmSelectSome and fmSelectOne actions. When enabled, the File Browser will automatically scroll (if needed) to bring the selected item(s) into view.

 Added KeepAlive option to the fmConnectRemote action. Most FTP servers will automatically terminate a connection that is idle for a preset period of time (usually 30 to 60 seconds). KeepAlive can be used to periodically "ping" the server to prevent the connection from being terminated.

 Added LogLimit option to the fmConnectRemote action. This can be used to set a maximum length (in characters) for the [ID.Log] variable, which contains a log of messages sent to and from the FTP server. The [ID.Log] variable will be truncated (from the beginning) to keep the log below the limit specified here. Use LogLimit=0 (the default) if you do not want the log trimmed.


 When used with remote connections, the file browser will now display .htaccess files.

 The total item count (shown in the file browser’s status bar and the [ID.TotalItems] variable) no longer includes the parent folder (..) or drives.

 The browser’s tree view and list view panes now handle hidden system folders in a more consistent manner. Both now show hidden folders when ShowHiddenFiles is enabled (see fmSetFileBrowserProperties) and system folders only when the system’s configuration permits it.
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Re: NeoBookFM/FTP v1.3 Update Released

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Re: NeoBookFM/FTP v1.3 Update Released

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