Multiple Upload/download and progress translation

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Multiple Upload/download and progress translation

Post by martincalatrava »

It is possible when you select multiple files that upload or download for example 2 or 3 at the same time or only one by one.

Another dude is if it is possible to translate progress windows title for example Copying to Copiando.

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Post by CN_Iceman »

I think that you must download files one by one if using FTP protocol.

Talking about the second point...

Check the help file (NeoBookFMFTP.chm) in Action Command Reference -> Miscellaneous.

You can use fmTranslateStrings to customize or translate strings used by File Browser, confirmation dialog boxes, progress bars and other NeoBookFM/FTP features. These settings affect all connections, even those that have not yet been opened.

An example:

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fmTranslateStrings "CopyFile=Copiando Archivo;CopyFolder=Copiando Carpeta"
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