The very last Blockbuster Store

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The very last Blockbuster Store

Post by Gaev »

I thought I would share this story (link) with fellow NeoBookers ... ... -1.4750044

... because it is about ...

1) a sign of the ever changing times ... disruptions rooted in technology

2) Bend, Oregon ... home of NeoBook

3) resisting disruptions via great customer service ... just like with NeoBook

4) still using floppy disks ... ouch !!!
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Re: The very last Blockbuster Store

Post by dpayer »

Damn... what will Dave do now that Blockbuster is closing? I'm sure its where he got all his great ideas for Neobook in the past!

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Re: The very last Blockbuster Store

Post by Neosoft Support »

Haven't been able to watch movies since VHS went away!
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