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Post by BRobinsonS » Sat May 03, 2014 8:43 am

Since I am not getting much help from MyCommerce/Regnow I thought I would seek help here.
Perhaps someone has insight to what's going on.
I have been using Regnow to collect sales for an app (sorry not a Neobook one) and distribute the app and license codes.
The app is protected by Software Passport I use and I use the SWP option at Regnow.
It has been working successfully over a year and a half (maybe more)
Recently I changed the 'Purchased phrase' on both and now their system is not sending the Regname and Regcode as it has in the past.
I did get one response from MyCommerce support which suggests it's SWP problem.
So I contacted Software Passport (Chad) and he suggested somethings but claims he is not familiar with their system.
Which surprises me since they use the SWP engine to generate codes.
I tried to match both my settings and Regnow settings, but after several test runs I still don't get the information generated.

If you have had similar experiences, I would appreciate some input.
Brian Robinson
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