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Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook

Post by fkapnist » Wed May 25, 2016 8:22 pm

The Unicode (& UTF-8) language code makes many foreign language characters readable to modern browsers.

Because Neobook does not support Unicode, the "Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook" program was created to help authors include foreign language character codes in List Boxes for their Neobook publications and elsewhere.

Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook contains a built-in Text Editor that re-codes foreign language characters to Unicode or extended Ascii. Typically copying foreign language text directly into Neobook may result in a loss of information with strings like "?? ???? ?" appearing in place of the correct character codes.

To prevent this, the Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook Text Editor will save your foreign text as either Unicode external text files, or extended Ascii decimal codes that can be stored internally as Variables in your Neobook publications and displayed in WebBrowser objects.

Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook also contains samples showing how most of the caption and text objects of Neobook can be closely emulated with HTML and JavaScript in WebBrowser objects (List Box, Text Box, Alert Box, Tooltip Hint, Menu and FolderTree in foreign languages, as well as "streaming" Unicode data into a List box). Uft-8 List Box For NeoBook includes Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, and Russian character code examples.

(UTF-8ListBoxNB.pub is extracted to PubDir at Startup.)